Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Robert Cray Band, 7/7/09, The Pageant, STL

I never posted about the Robert Cray Band July 7!

we didn't take off early from work, so we weren't exactly early. the seats were full and the floor was empty, but J didn't want to be down front this time, so we found what seemed like a good standing spot behind a younger couple who were saving a couple of seats. Unfortunately several friends ended up joining them and they had one or two fewer seats than people, and they all got up and sat down and milled about and went out and came back and talked and yapped and talked and talked and jesus christ. On our way out afterward, J said, "I can never own a gun," and I laughed, and he said, "you think I'm kidding?" and I said "no, I KNOW you're not."

anyway, that was really really really freaking maddening. there's nothing more maddening than hearing those stupid voices cutting through the music and going on and on. we were really upset because we could see so well and we could tell that the show was really good. people in St. Louis must have a lot of money to spend, but I just don't understand why they don't go to a cheaper bar to talk instead of spending the money on tickets when they clearly aren't interested in music.

but I digress.

the show was really good and a couple of songs before the encore we saw an older couple with good seats apparently hugging their friends goodbye and leaving, so we hiked right on down there (checking with the remaining people to make sure the seats were now really vacant). ahhhhh, what a freaking improvement. I wish I could've dragged J down to the floor, but he didn't have earplugs, and of course you can hear better from further back, and I guess I understand that he doesn't always want to have to deal with being all crowded and hemmed in - I don't like it either.

I didn't keep a set list and I haven't been able to find one, but he played pretty much everything you know except Twenty and and Walkin': Poor Johnny, Smokin' Gun, Because of Me, 12 year old boy, Our Last Time, Nothin' but a Woman, and a couple of new songs, too.

Here are 13 pictures, very similar to each other! furthest to closest, more or less

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