Monday, July 12, 2010

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit, 7/10/10

Here's the setlist from Jason Isbell's set at the Taste of Downtown Saturday:

Decoration Day
Dock of the Bay
Goddamn Lonely Love
Psycho Killer
7 Mile Island
Hurricanes & Hand Grenades
American Girl (Tom Petty)
Dress Blues
Never Gonna Change
Danko/Manuel (I got my wish!)
Atlantic City (Bruuuuuce)

I thought the show was great. First of all, it's so nice, and so rare, to see an actual touring band I'm really a fan of, of Jason Isbell's caliber, here in Springfield. For me, the setlist was great - a lot of my favorite of his Truckers songs and a lot of my favorite of his solo work. Got tears in my eyes during "Dress Blues." Also loved their version of Atlantic City - I thought it rocked it up nicely while retaining the song's essential mood.

Also, at one point while jamming, they broke into a riff that sounded really, really familiar, but we couldn't place it until the next day when my husband said, "That was Wilco!" It was the breakout riff from Spiders (Kidsmoke), I'm pretty sure! That was a hoot.

Jason was really gracious - as always; we've actually met him twice before, briefly, and he's always quite gracious. We hung around for a minute afterward to say hi, and he was pleasant and accommodating to many people before us, and to us as well. We heard him say he was going to the Brewhaus afterward, but, let's face it, we were totally done in by that point. Had a blast.


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