Thursday, June 18, 2009

U2 tour sneak peeks

It's not long until the U2 tour starts up in Europe! They've been building the stage and rehearsing in Barcelona.

Here are some looks at the stage, which they're calling "the claw" but which I think also looks like 1. "the tentacles" and 2. "the dangerous carnival ride." It's supposed to rotate, but I'm having a little trouble envisioning exactly to which part the rotation will be confined to. I'm also imagining how many of us it'll kill when it collapses, and how many times Bono will get stranded outside the rotation zone by wandering off script.,1000503300,1000503338#msg-1000503338,6363.0.html

Qualms aside - my husband said it looks PopMart-y, which *shudder* - it looks pretty cool.

Secondly, here are a couple of rumored set lists from rehearsals. A few interesting things on there, but sadly it looks like they plan on doing "unknown caller" - the one song I always skip on the new cd. have a look:,6366.0.html