Friday, January 07, 2011

Unrefrigerated madness

Yesterday my husband took the afternoon off work so he could be home for a refrigerator delivery. He came home at noon, shut our cat in the bedroom, and waited.

Going on 5:00, they called to alert him that they were on the way. Fifteen minutes later, they called asking why nobody was home – apparently our landlord who owns our house sent them to the wrong address entirely.

When they finally got to our house – or, rather, when he got to our place – and discovered that our stairs have a turn or two in them, he said that he can singlehandedly deliver refrigerators up stairs that do not have turns in them, but help is required for fancy stairs. Strangely, although he called for help, none of his coworkers were willing to respond.

They’re allegedly coming back Saturday, at which point we will have been without a fridge for going on a week. We called our landlord about this last Sunday. I am really angry about this – and I’m not even the one who sat around all afternoon for no reason while work piled up at my office, or the one who was shut into the bedroom all afternoon for no reason. ARGH.

Next time any appliance goes down, I’m just going to leave town. It’s easier.