Tuesday, February 03, 2009

big head todd & the monsters, the pageant, 1/31/09

Big Head Todd was our second show at The Pageant since they closed down the second stretch of I-40/64 for the big repair project. I'd been dreading that so much! We used to take the Clayon exit, turn right on Skinker, and then we'd turn right on Delmar and circle around to the parking lot.

So at Cheech & Chong we took the MLK and did a kind of convoluted route through downtown to Market and then Lindell, over to Skinker. It wasn't bad, but (1) it seemed to take so much longer, because we got off the highway so soon/didn't get back on the highway for so long, and (2) really would be a terrible idea if there was a football or baseball game that day - we could get tied up in that traffic mess and really be screwed.

So this time we took the grand/forest park exit and took forest park parkway to DeBaliviere, then left on Delmar and into the parking lot from the other side - we had trouble deciding where to turn off Delmar, but it worked out great. Then on the way home instead of trying to go left out of the parking lot and go back to Delmar, we turned right and then took a left on Skinker as always, then turned left on Forest Park by the coffee shop there (we could've taken Lindell, I guess, too) and took Forest Park all the way back out to the highway. That worked really well. I was hoping to find a route where we could stay on the highway a little longer, and also one that wasn't too cumbersome, because we're going to have to use it for the rest of the year.

I miss my Clayton exit!

Anyway, the seats were filling up when we got there, but the floor was open. We grabbed a seat in the under-21 section at the aisle and waited, with some other guys who were obv. waiting to move to the floor too- it's weird there, nobody wants to be the first guy standing out there all alone, but once the seal breaks, it's broken. finally at about 7:30 we moved down front and center right in front of Todd again, which is cool. Last year we chose seats, but the year before we were front/center. it's such a trade-off, because the sound isn't great up close - in fact, it's the opposite problem you have at a lot of shows, because Todd's in this phase where he's not playing through an amp, so you don't get a blast of guitar at your head - you get stage sound, but not enough guitar, from so close. however, it wasn't as loud as a lot of shows there from that angle, so that was okay too.

Great set, too: they went kind of long, which was awesome.

1. Julianna
2. How Easy
3. Heart of Wilderness
4. Love Betsy
5. Strategem
6. Spanish Highway
7. I'll Play the Blues for You (albert king cover)
8. Conquistador
9. Broken Hearted Savior
10. Wearing Only Flowers
11. Fortune Teller
12. Love Transmission
13. Silvery Moon
14. It's Alright
15. Runaway Train
16. Dirty Juice
17. Ellis Island
18. Please Don't Tell Her
19. Flanders Fields
20. Bittersweet
21. Helpless
22. Secret Mission
23. Cruel Fate
24. Her Own Kind of Woman
25. Circle
1. All the Love You Need
2. Rocky Mtn. Way

I saw a set list online and it had Resignation Superman and something else instead of Bittersweet and Helpless. I would have loved to hear Resignation Superman, but NOT at the expense of Bittersweet! They also had something else for the second encore song, but Todd broke into Joe Walsh, which apparently I can name in ONE NOTE.

There was a nine year old kid behind us, and it wasn't even his first concert. The guy next to me and I stood a little apart so he could see - he was too short to get right up by the stage and be able to see anything! The stage is kind of high there. There was one of those annoying entitled drunk chicks who barged in front of him for like one song and seemed like she was arguing with the guy next to her. then she tried to talk to me but twice I was like "I can't understand what you're saying" and the third time I just ignored her. It was 'Circle,' for christ's sake. she was really slurring. then she popped up behind J taking pictures with her cell phone, but holding it kind of over his shoulder and in his face, so he finally pushed it away and she got all irate. (drunk girl voice) 'you roooned my video! I wasssnt even touschin you!!' *eyeroll*

I just loathe people who feel so entitled and have no conception of other people's space. I mean, I sound like I feel entitled too - I feel entitled that you keep your freaking hands off me and not cut in front of me or ruin the show for me by hooting in my ear or whatever. But secondly, if you want to be down in front, try showing up early like I did. it's totally uncool and cheating to weasel your way through and try to squeeze in and then be all 'giggle giggle, whatever I do is okay because I'm a princess.' screw that.

at the end I asked for a set list and the guy said "sure, just a second, I'll see if I can find you one." then he went over to the bassist Rob's area and carefully pulled up his set list and handed it to another chick. I hope he just forgot which chick was where, but I was VERY disappointed.

anyway, good show, and my new camera did okay. The majority of the pictures are still pretty bad, but the good ones are better than the good ones on my old camera. If anyone has any concert photo tips, PLEASE SHARE THEM. This is like my main photography interest, not to say obsession, and I'm tired of disappointment. I have a fairly good point and shoot, but it's still not an SLR. I think looking up into the bright lights and shooting a moving subject is just too much for a less-than-professional rig, but I'd love any advice or insights. how do you fare, taking concert pictures? what's your experience been?

these are a few 'bad' pictures, which were pretty standard with my old camera too:

and these are the best ones: