Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Woefully neglectful blogger is woefully neglectful

Yes, it's true. So this spring we went to Rodrigo y Gabriela and Mark Knopfler in St. Louis and the Drive By Truckers in Chicago. All were a blast, although we had the misfortune to be next to Continually Shrieking Girl at Rod y Gab, and honestly, while ideally everyone would enjoy themselves at a show, this jerkwad nearly ruined it for us. I would cheerfully see her dead. The show, though, was great.

Coming up, we have the third Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago and Jason Isbell right here at the Taste of Downtown in July. The big news for me was the postponement of the next U.S. leg of the U2 tour because Bono hurt his back and had to have emergency surgery; the leg would have started already, and my show would have been July 6. However, I'm not too heartbroken about the whole thing, because I prefer anticipation to "oh, no, it's over already." Now my next U2 show is still ahead by a good stretch.