Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This; That

It's flattering when someone clicks through just to set me straight.

Just to be clear, though, allowing comments, moderating comments, replying to comments, and deleting comments are all at the discretion of the blogger. You're free to say what you wish, and I'm free to do with comments as I wish. Make of that what you will; I promise not to poison your sushi with a chemical element I never heard of before a couple of weeks ago.

Actually, it's kind of like giving someone a present they don't want. You go to a lot of trouble to pick out a knick-knack, but if Aunt Sophie doesn't like it, well, she's just not obligated to put it on the mantle.

I guess five-packs of Cardinals tickets go on sale this weekend, but I think we're going to pass this year. Used to be four-packs, and we always bought them, but it's harder and harder to go to Cardinals games. It's tough to love baseball and hate the regional team, although there's no logical reason to like a team because of geographical coincidence, either. Anyway, even hating the Cardinals, at least the ugly old stadium felt like home. Now we're seeing a team we hate in an unfamiliar stadium, so that's even less fun. I miss being able to walk all the way around the perimeter at the old place - although it was nice having a large sheltered area to cower in during The Big Huge Wind Storm last summer.

Anyway, I think this time we'll focus our effort on spending more for better tickets to fewer games that we really want to attend instead of buying a pack that includes a couple of teams we really want to see and a couple we don't really care for either way.

Gov't Mule Friday! I know I should stay in town and attend a high school band performance instead, but I'm not.