Friday, November 16, 2007

Pollstar hates me.

Dear Pollstar Premium Subscriber, is in the process of upgrading our site, including many of our online features. Because the changes to will be substantial, new or renewed Premium memberships are no longer available.

We still offer all users our free auto-notify accounts for five artists or venues. If you wish to continue to receive these free notifications after your Premium expiration date you will need to edit your list down to five selections.

We anticipate launching more new features in the near future and hope you will continue to enjoy using during our time of transition.

Thank you for using Pollstar!

Bloody hell, I get 95 percent of my concert info from pollstar! This can't be happening.

1 comment: said...

I can't believe they're downgrading their site like this. I've paid for Pollstar premium for years and have close to the limit of notifications also. I wonder if they are planning some great new features, but shouldn't they let the paying customer know about these new features? Even better - how about grandfathering us paying users. You should send a complaint to

(BTW - I hate that blogger has removed the ability to link back to your own blog.)