Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Additional fall dates announced for Bob Dylan:

Thu 10/11 - Pittsburgh PA - Univ. of Ptts. Peterson Events Center
Fri 10/12 - Ypsilanti MI - Eastern MI University Convocation Center
Sat 10/13 - Columbus OH - Ohio State Univ. Schottenstein Center
Tue 10/16 - Dayton OH - Wright State Univ. Nutter Center
Wed 10/17 - Louisville KY - Freedom Hall
Fri 10/19 - Bloomington IN - Indiana Univ. Assembly Hall
Sat 10/20 - Bloomington IL - US Cellular Coliseum
Mon 10/22 - St. Louis MO - Fox Theatre
Fri 10/26 - Omaha NE - Qwest Center

Looks like it'll have to be the Bloomington, IL show for me - stag! If it works out, I can go to Bloomington, see Bob, then drive to Decatur and see the end of J's gig there, then we can come home together.

We'd definitely go to the Fox, but that's when we're planning to see the Truckers in Chicago.

I was contemplating the Bloomingon, Ind. show too, but I don't think that date will work out either.

Anyway, Bob hates me. Something will go horribly wrong.
Fact: Last time Bob played in St. Louis I was away eloping.
Fact: Before that I nearly got heatstroke at the ballpark show in Sauget and hardly remember the encore because I had my head down after chugging the (warm and open) water security brought me. And didn't have the wherewithal to try for a setlist! Even though I was Right There!
Fact: Before that there was a serious lightning storm on the way to the Peoria show
Fact: At the St. Louis show at the pageant, for which we had tickets, I got the Wish I Were Dead Flu and we couldn't go.
I mean, I've succeeded in seeing him a number of times, sure, but lately it's been a struggle! The marriage thing is working out fine, yes, but still. Always with the bad timing and such.

Nevertheless, I have that giddy sensation that only the prospect of Dylan tickets brings.

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