Monday, September 04, 2006

Nature walk, wildlife pictures

Sunday we spent a wonderful morning at Lincoln Memorial Garden.

We saw and heard a number of the usual seagulls and woodpeckers that are too small or too far away to identify, your Canada goose, your probably-mallard ducks, and a little guy I remembered to look up when we got home - the white-breasted nuthatch, a cute little fellow. I showed J the picture in the book, and he confirmed. I noticed the markings on the head particularly; I think we saw a male. Then we were walking alongside the water and happened to come to an open space in the trees and look up just as a heron went by, not all that far away. They're so magnificent.

We saw spiderwebs aplenty, and walked through plenty of them too - ugh:

It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Guess it's a moth.

So bright!

The trails branch off a lot, and we were walking along when we both happened to glance to the left down a fork we were passing, and froze:

The trails made a kind of triangle; we were at one end, the deer was at another, and there were other people at the third point for a while, watching the deer too. We saw several of them, but not really grouped together for pictures. They totally knew we were there, but we were quiet and kept still, so they didn't worry too much.

We walked on, and they crossed the trail in front of us after awhile. From time to time after that we could see them through the trees, but eventually we parted ways, feeling very lucky. Deer here, while common, are fairly skittish. For a hundred-pound animal, I was struck, as always, by their slim legs and tiny little hooves, their nimble grace, and their quietness in the woods.

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