Thursday, August 31, 2006

Work with me, Pollstar

I'm having trouble lately getting my Pollstar updates to load. I'm not sure, but it seems to have started around the time they added a video thing to the listing page, so that might be blocking it or something. I need my pollstar. There's a Wilco listing just sitting there right now. And a Pageant listing.

I love the heady rush when you open the e-mail and see a cross-listing of band and venue and put it all together, though.

This week the new Bob Dylan album came out, and I picked it up at Recycled Records, along with the new Old Crow Medicine Show and the remaining Drive By Truckers that we didn't yet have.

The Dylan, "Modern Times," is self-produced. Ten tracks plus 4-track dvd bonus, and I think I got the last one of those that Recycled had Tuesday. hee. I'm not the hugest Old Crow Medicine Show fan - they're very talented, but it's so hardcore, it's tough to listen to much. J and I are always talking about what a fine line and hard to define difference it can be, between country and alt-country and all. Anyway, we saw OCMS open for Gillian Welch and David Rawlings a few years ago, and they were definitely smokin'. Rawlings sat in with them the whole set, which was amazing too. Their album, "Big Iron World," has 12 tracks, and, as J observed, "Hey, there's another song with 'cocaine' in the title on this album too." hah. Then the Truckers, Gangstabilly, 11 tracks, many of which we have on later live albums. It'll be interesting to hear the original of 18 Wheels of Love. And any album with a song called "Panties In Your Purse" is okay by me.

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