Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Pink Floyd

We watched the concert portion of the Pulse dvd last night. Thank goodness it's finally out on dvd. I was thinking of writing a post about all I remember about seeing the concert in real life. It was a long time ago, and there are a lot bits I remember clearly as well as a lot of bits I don't, but this stands out, really:
It was like god.

One of the bonus features (although the menu has the grace to call them "features," because, really) is the films that show in concert for certain songs. This is something I've wanted for years and years: "too bad you can't just get those films on video!" They're directed by Storm Thorgeson, who is a gawd. He's done much of their most memorable art (and many other things besides, such as that Cranberries album with the eye?). One thing I really like is that he likes to create a tangible 3d thing. Need 500 hospital beds on the beach? Storm brings 500 actual hospital beds to the actual beach. It shows; you can tell, even while you're like but how can that guy really have like an 80-foot cape? what's holding it?

While we're Floyding, Here's a link to a great story from 2002 from the Observer. It's a profile of/history of/encounter with Syd Barrett, and ... if you're wondering who Syd Barrett was, OR if you're a fan, there's a lot of information and interesting stuff here.

It looks like we won't be going to Tom Waits unless he adds a St. Louis date. The short version is that we have a scheduling conflict with the Chicago date, and the long version is that I'm willing to go to a lot more trouble and more expense to get to a concert than J is. So there's one for the great list of regretted missed concerts. I hate that list.

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