Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jimbo Mathus in Springfield

Apparently Jimbo Mathus is going to be in town tonight.
Jimbo Mathus Dot Net.
His myspace page.
Perhaps best known as a Squirrel Nut Zipper, he's now a scruffy north-Mississippi trance-blues guitarist, the zoot suit replaced by ill-fitting jeans. He'll be at the Underground City Tavern, where, unfortunately, music doesn't start till 10 even on weeknights. It's a work night, and I'm old; most nights around 10:00 I'm barely energetic enough to turn on The Daily Show, so we might or might not make it out.

Here are my not-very-in-depth comments from when we saw him open for Buddy Guy last year at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre in St. Louis:
Our tickets said "an evening with," and apparently the theater management aren't aware of what that means, because there was an opener - but that was cool, as it was Jimbo Mathus - you might know him as James Mathus from the Squirrel Nut Zippers, but he's put away the zoot suit and donned redneck gear. He worked on Buddy Guy's last couple of albums and (therefore, obviously) is big into the north Mississippi blues style - that kind of trancelike blues where you can play the same chord for the whole song, you know? Mmmmmnuh. So Jimbo was pretty good. He was kind of sloppy, but it's not a precision genre, so we forgave. Also his dog Sue was with him, and she hung out on stage most of the time, venturing out to greet the audience from time to time, or nosing at Jimbo's leg as he played. Once she started to run off with the KB volume pedal and a roadie had to save it. heh. Adorable pooch.

No word on whether the dog's with him this time.

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