Saturday, May 13, 2006

More U2 pictures - from the second Chicago show of the third leg, September 21, 2005.

Lone Edge. Shoot, I didn't realize it was so blurry until I posted.

Frisky b/e

Just like the old days!

And on stage.

with bonus rhythm section!

Bono strands himself behind the plexi. “Turn around and face me, Edge. Help me out.”

Here’s that B/A action I promised.

This is where Bono and Adam kind of backed into or bumped into each other on the ramp and were startled for a second before they laughed at each other. The li’l cuties.

Group onstage again:

Thank you! Goodnight!


Thank you! Goodnight! Again!

Is that Adam? Playing guitar? Wtf?!?


I love this picture.

More B-man.

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