Wednesday, May 28, 2008


In the spirit of Where Dave Is, it's never too late to play a little catchup.

That said, here are a couple of pictures and a setlist from Big Head Todd at the Pageant March 7.

J and I went to BHTM with our friend and his drummer P, with whom we went a few years ago - she really likes 'em too, which is awesome. Last time she was with us, we were on the floor, but this time we got seats, so the pictures weren't as great. But the performance was! Floor next year.

1. Cashbox
2. Please Don't Tell Her
3. Again & Again
4. Ellis Island
5. Broken Hearted Savior
6. Fortune Teller
7. Ever Since You Pulled Me Under
8. Angela Dangerlove
9. Tangerine
10. Blue Sky
11. Cruel Fate
12. Sister Sweetly
13. I Will Carry
14. the Moose song
15. Spanish Highway
16. Dirty Juice
17. Bittersweet
18. Easy Love
19. Silvery Moon
20. Conquistador
21. Boom Boom
22. Circle
1. All the Love You Need
2. Beautiful Rain
3. Her Own Kind of Woman

Hearing them do their awesome version of Zeppelin's 'Tangerine' again was great. I love that one. And the Moose song! Have I ever gotten to hear the moose song? It was strange not to hear Vincent of Jersey/The Leaving Song - this has to be the first time I've seen them not perform that one. But that's what happens - bands put out new albums and have to shuffle things around. But in the shuffling, sometimes you get a Monument in Green or a Flanders Field or a Moose Song.

That said, they were just as ever, Rob's longhorn horns on his amp, Brian playing hard, Todd's seductive vocals, etc., etc. I love that false sense of being old friends you have from seeing a band repeatedly through the years.

Coupla pix (basically the same pic):


David said...

are you suggesting i am constantly behind?

Fair enough. But live from Africa I just wanted to say its good to see you posting again.

Ive never seen BHTM and to be honest i have never really heard them even though i know they were part of the scene before the scene existed and people speak very highly.

i will say that i think tangerine is one of zep's greatest songs (and i mean that) and any band who has the balls to cover it and does so well deserves some respect

- dave

Occula said...

That you're behind, but that you also catch up instead of letting a backlog of posts slide until they disappear - a good thing.

thanks - I continually mean to do better, but spend most of my blogging energy somewhere else, honestly. This is the innocuous one. :-)

I'm really enjoying your updates from Africa.

You might know stuff from BHTM's second and third albums - Sister Sweetly and Strategem - if you heard some; along with Midnight Radio, those are the albums I recommend most highly, although Sister Sweetly has a slicker, more produced sound compared to the others. They do put on a good show!