Thursday, December 06, 2007

year in review

In January we went to Big Head Todd's annual show at the Pageant. (well, it's been four or five years in a row now, anyhoo.)

In February I went to the Obama announcement here in town.

J's band's cd release party was at the Hoogland at the end of March and it was awesome.

Our first wedding anniversary was April 19. However, come May we'd been cohabitating for 16 years all told.

We went to Son Volt at the Pageant in April. I stood next to Beatle Bob.

J and I spent a couple of great days hiking and relaxing at Starved Rock State Park around May 21-22

J's oldest nephew graduated from high school on June 1, making us quite ancient indeed.

In July we saw the Police in St. Louis. Bottle Rockets and later the Avett Brothers here in town. We went to Toad the Wet Sprocket in Chicago and hung out with friends, then to Eric Clapton's Crossroads festival the next day, which was ... incomparable. I thought nothing could top Pink Floyd, but if anything could, that did.

In August, Joe Walsh at the state fair, and the Braves series in St. Louis. I'm seriously missing baseball right now.

In October, Dylan and Elvis Costello in Bloomington, then the Drive By Truckers in Chicago the next day.

In November, Jason Isbell, then the Smokies, and then Neil Young.

That's probably about it for us this year, but I see that Big Head Todd, Jay Farrar, and R.E.M. are announcing dates.


BlogFreeSpringfield said...

Did you talk to Beatle Bob? I heard he's an encyclopedia of pop and rock knowledge. I told John and Micah they should interview him on their Just Two Guys show.

My list of concerts for the year isn't nearly as extensive as yours, but there were some great shows.

Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles in Wisconsin. An incredible show. We got to sing backup on their encore. I hope they remember us when they hit it big.

The American Music Show here in town. The Shazam and the Bottle Rockets were the highlights.

And next Tuesday we're going to see Aimee Mann in Chicago for a Christmas show.

I hope we get to see more shows next year. We'll definitely be traveling to see Sarah Borges again at some point.

Occula said...

Oh my gosh, they totally should! That would be great. I was overcome by shyness, actually, and so after a nod of greeting on my part and a thumbs-up in return from him, we didn't really converse. However, being right next to him wasn't nearly as distracting as I thought it would be, and I didn't catch too many flying elbows or anything. What I really wanted was a picture with him, but I didn't have my camera at that show. Next time I'll be more outgoing.

I've heard of Sarah Borges, but I'm really unfamiliar with her stuff. I should really check her out!