Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Marty Robbins/Steve Martin mashup

Our conversation over dinner last night: Los Straightjackets led to Freddy Fender, Freddy Fender led to Marty Robbins, and a vague-but-hilarious childhood memory led me to the wikipedia and the imdb and, eventually, to the google and this video from Steve Martin's 1980 TV special. How I can possibly remember it I don't know, and truthfully I'd always envisioned Galapagos tortoises instead of a much larger animal, but here it is! I'm just glad to have its existence confirmed.

As when I was 12, I'm still not sure whether it's the most hilarious thing ever or not. But it's, well, different.

(also my first attempt to embed a youtube video, so good luck to us all.)

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