Thursday, June 28, 2007

check check it

Oh, man, the St. Louis The Police show is Monday. We'd been thinking it was the following week, but I had it written on the calendar, and I happened to turn the page to peek - saw I'd written it, then checked the tickets. wowie. I'm not too excited about the opening act - Sting's son, for heaven's sake - but I might take off work an hour or two early to give us enough time to grab a breadstretcher's and make it through the traffic jam before the parking garage is full.

The Avett Bros are in town soon, but I saw an ad that said they'll be $20. I dunno. I'd pay $10 based on the spread in No Depression, but $20 for a band I've heard nothing of ...

After that, Bottle Rockets at the taste of downtown. (Someone tell me why the great downtown restaurants that have vegetarian choices pick Taste of Downtown to trot out their boring, meaty, state-fair type food. YAWN.)

End of July is the Crossroads festival. We have seats, lousy ones, but still.

AND my husband J's rescheduled gig got rescheduled again, so now we're apparently going to Joe Walsh. Which is great. I'd pay state fair ticket prices just to get beered up and shout along to "Funk #49." Am I right, people?

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