Monday, April 09, 2007

Jason Isbell and the DBT

Drive By Truckers land brims with trepidation and disappointment as it is announced at the DBT site and at Jason Isbell's myspace page that guitarist/songwriter Jason Isbell and the Drive By Truckers have parted ways.

Discussions are ongoing at the Nine Bullets talkboards.

I've always said that the great thing about the Truckers is that they have had three killer songwriter-guitarists. I'm trying to look at it as an opportunity to hear all of them more. The next DBT album will have more songs by Cooley and Patterson, and Jason Isbell's forthcoming solo album will be all him, obviously. But I'm very sad. I love the Truckers in their previous incarnations, but their albums with Isbell have really been on the next level.

They'll keep on Truckin' - they've had lineup changes before. And I'm glad I got to see them with him a couple of times. But I'm really disappointed that it happened.

By and large, though, I agree with posts at this blog. If the comment thing would ever load, I'd comment.

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