Sunday, August 13, 2006

Drive By Truckers! At Mississippi Nights!

Just scored tickets for a surprise Drive By Truckers show at Mississippi Nights in STL Oct. 24. GA, and even J, who's not very fond of waiting in line, is serious about it this time, to the extent that we'll probably take a half day off work. It's going to be brutal in the pit; they play for hours all sweaty and Southern. We're disappointed it's not at The Pageant, but we'll get by. Only $17, or $21 each including fees. Really, if they'd just charge $20 for the tickets and a $1 fee, one wouldn't feel so screwed. It's not even a ticketmaster venue.

The dbt web site (above) mentions that Patterson Hood's next solo album should be released in 2007 - have I mentioned how very much I love his previous release Killers and Stars? It's one of those acoustic albums recorded in someone's kitchen that somehow comes out sounding splendid, with just a few chair-creaking kind of noises. Also Jason Isbell is releasing a solo album soon, so we'll have to check that out too. /whore

(For you Wilco fans, btw, Mississippi Nights is a club on the Landing by the river where UT and Son Volt and everybody used to play. Actually, everyone has played there at some point, including U2. It's been around forever.)

Anyway, if one more thing happens in October, it has to be a weeknight, that's for sure. We already have every weekend booked plus two weekday concerts, AND we'll have to find some other time to visit my mother this year - end of September or beginning of November instead of our usual. I'd be half tempted to try to hit Cyndi Lauper at the Pageant if I wasn't just getting back from Ohio the day before! yeesh, y'all. also yay.

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