Saturday, May 27, 2006

Inarticulate babblings re: U2, St. Louis, Dec. 14, 2005

1. RUNNING! The top speed b/e running and E poised in Rock Godness behind Larry as they all gather to worship!
So much I can't even start and I can't even look at my pictures because my battery's so dead and J took the camera sometimes and we have 190 pictures and our seats were exactly what I'd hoped for.
The "Sunday Bloody Sunday" kid was awesome and the "Mysterious Ways" girl was a real dud. The "Yahweh" pianist was good and ballsy enough to do a little fancy thing that made Bono beam at him from all the way across, but at the end he just couldn't hear what Bono was telling him, so Edge had to come and hang all over him and direct him very closely, and at the end during the applause Edge gave him a BIG HUG, and then he went down the ramp back to his place and he had a total "I AM SUCH A GEEK I CAN'T BELIEVE IT" Big Dork, fists in the air, I just won the olympic medal kind of moment that cracked everybody the hell UP. He must've had a sign earlier; B went out nearly to the tip just to get him. HYSTERICAL.
We were even with the end of the front video screens, basically.
Edge wasn't playing through a wireless rig until the encore, so he didn't come out on the ramp at all until then, but I'm so glad he DID play wireless then.
Bono was in such fine voice. The operatic parts were beyond HUUUUGE and great.
I DIED during instant karma. Now Melissa knows what it's like to hear a woman pee herself over the phone. DIED. Larry started the drum thing and I was like, "What's that?" and Bono said "This is a song ... we've been tryin' to do ... Lennon" and I was like "INSTANT KARMA!!!!!!!" omg.
Larry's drum fill? Not nailed. heh.
The St. Louis crowd was lame for 40. Has to be said.
There was one moment, this is why I don't do a song by song review, at the end of either Streets or SBS, I think it was SBS, when we just wouldn't stop cheering. The roar was stupendous. Bono was like "Jebus, people" and Adam was like "Holy Jebus," and Bono covered his ears and grinned at us and they had to WAIT. It was MASSIVE.
So much grinning and laughing and love and babies.
Hoh boy, am I happy. Wow. Like wow.

Leg cling!
Kiss on the mouth!

2. So we were a bit late and there was some hairy traffic at the last minute - the street I was gonna take was closed, so I got in a bit of a jam and had to circle around, and then the parking garage was full, but we made it into the flat lot right across - SO EXPENSIVE!! I mean, I don't mind paying for parking, but more than $10 is just greedy.
Anyway, we missed Kanye West entirely, and we were both a little disappointed, but the crew was in full swing, Dallas Dallas everywhere and my hero Batwoman with the mighty belt of gear. It's always funny to see them check things that just don't need to be checked. Still plugged in? How about now? Here's something I never noticed before, though:
Dallas got out a tape measure and measured Edge's mic placement.
J and I just stared in bemusement. It was hilar.

I'd warned J about Arcade Fire, but I thought I'd just be excited; I didn't realize it was like someone flipped the WOOT switch. It was reflexive! I just yelled "OH YEAH THIS IS IT THIS IS IT!!!" and started hooting and yelling. I grabbed my phone to call Melissa and my hands were visibly shaking!! The floor was hooting too, but people around us weren't, really, until they kind of caught on and overheard and the word kind of spread and WOO WOO WOO!

Edge was just jumping around like a lunatic. hop hop BOING BOING. Babies everywhere. Adam: Snowflake shirt. (I know, I know, humor me.) It looks like a lot of our pictures are stinkers, as always, but a lot of them turned out decent, too.

Some things I really missed about being on the floor - mostly eye contact!! - but it was kind of cool to be able to see them like ... not like the Mecca-like culmination of a mini-hajira (is that the right word??) but actually a concert you drive to and go into like normal and drive home. Only better. No mark on my ticket, no wristband, no writing on me!! So strange, these non GA customs are. I must study their ways.

What else? What else? I don't even know. Adam on the ramp getting mondo love and reaching out and touching people's hands and taking a bow and grinning with all the Adam love. Larry and Adam cracking up over something, at the beginning. I think '40' was a little shorter. Adam was having trouble getting feedback over there. Not absolutely certain whether I ever got Lisa on the phone. Maybe she has a LONG message. It would seem like there was a connection, and I'd look down later and it wouldn't be there, so I'd just call Melissa again.

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